David has been playing guitar, playing live as well as writing for TV and film since the mid 80s. 

First taking up the instrument at the age of 12 and working towards his degree in music from Brunel University in the early 90s. From there the world of indie rock beckoned and from the 90s he spent the next ten years in various bands writing performing and having generally quite a nice time.

Always his love of the studio and that environment for experimentation and creativity that had been embedded in him from his university days was there and when the indie circuit dried up he decided to move back into the studio environment in the shape of The Music Room. From the mid 2000s David has been writing primarily for TV production companies and teaching guitar. His first studio created by himself was under a bridge in South West London. From there a move into an old shoe factory underneath the well known and very loud Kasabian in the Midlands and now working from a purpose built studio at his home, (you can hear some of his work to date at the DAJ music production pages).

Having never lost his love of the classical guitar David is now embarking on a studio based project to recreate his favourite classical pieces. The music that has always been present no matter where his composition has taken him. He links his enjoyment of the instrument and the situations he has been in when going back to these pieces through the years.

As a composer he will also bring elements into the recording to add a palate of sound to these pieces adding his own compositions along the way.

Now for the practice...