Cleaning Services
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Domestic Weekly Cleaning Services

General cleaning from top to bottom.

Moving Home

If you have bought or sold your house we can offer a one off cleaning service so that your new house is ready to move in to and the old one is ready for its new owners.This removes one stress from you that moving home creates.

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Regular Clean

Helps your home or environment maintain a good level of cleanliness throughout, this service can be tailored to meet your needs either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We recommend an initial deep clean this is because the weekly service will then be more effective at maintaining a clean home.

Deep Cleaning

For a more thorough clean. 

This includes general area clean from top to bottom plus special attention to bathrooms and kitchens, behind and under appliances and all furniture to remove the build up of dust, cobwebs  and grime in hard to reach areas.


If someone in your environment has become ill or immunocompromised, then having a deep clean helps to kill viruses and other germs to create a healthier place to live.


In addition to deep cleans we can schedule a spring clean or bi-annual deep clean to keep your environment at its best.


We can establish a check list of areas that will be covered to ensure it is done to your satisfaction.