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Supersize My Job:

May 9th 8pm 2015  Watch Tv
David Jobson - Composer

David Has been commissioned to write music for a new project from the makers of The Kings Speech, Bedlam Productions.


We’ve all wistfully felt we’re not quite reaching our potential, that our job’s ok but it’s not exactly amazing. You’re great at nipping round the corner and fixing a toilet, but it’s not exactly mind-blowing. What if you had the chance to take your skills and multiply the whole experience by a thousand? Nominated by mates and family, for 1 insane week you’ll be at the top... At the end you could win an internship, grant or a cool bit of kit to take your old job to the next level.

WW1: The First Modern War:
July 26th 8pm History Channel 

David Jobson - Composer


​As the centenery of the First World War
aproaches, David has been commissioned to write for the upcoming series on decisive weapons of world war one.

This 4 part documentary is to be shown on the History Channel throught the world.

It depicts with cutting edge animation and CGI, four decisive weapons of the first world war and the influence they had on the furthering of the mechanised armies that now took each oher on.

Tanks-gas-submarines and the zeppelins.

Human Swarm- 30th May 9pm Ch4

David Jobson - Composer

We all like to think of ourselves as individuals, making up our own minds what to do and when to do it.

But this eye-opening documentary, presented by Jimmy Doherty, reveals new evidence that suggests that in many ways we actually think and move like members of a herd of animals.

We each leave behind us a vast 'data trail' every time we travel, use our phone or credit card, search or buy online, use social media or visit a supermarket.

The documentary reveals how, by analysing and unlocking this mountain of data, scientists can monitor, predict and even manipulate our actions with amazing precision.

The programme shows how one of the most powerful influences on each of us is the temperature, with the smallest changes affecting us physically and psychologically, without us even being aware of it.

And it shows how individual changes in mood, appetite, behaviour and health can add up to a huge shift in behaviour across the country, with consequences for the health service, energy companies and retailers.

The programme reveals: how a tiny gland in our brains helps to choose our breakfast for us when it's cold; how each one degree drop in the temperature leads to an extra 200 heart attacks; why flu flourishes in winter; how our online searches can help track disease outbreaks; how supermarkets can predict when you will want to have a BBQ; when online dating sites see a 350% spike in traffic; and how sales of swimwear go up by 600% when the sun shines, whatever the temperature.

Dragon Wars: Fire & Fury

David Jobson - Composer
​There’s nothing to fear but fear itself — oh, and maybe dragons.

​Centuries ago dragons were thought to be as real and tangible as any other unexplained phenomena — like lightning or tides — just a little more vicious. Follow the trail through time and explore the lands where history and mythology collide — where imagination and misrepresentation resulted in epic battles between dragon-slayers and fire-breathing beasts.

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